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Below are examples of current and representative projects being performed at GEOST. We have performed work for the Navy, as well as a wide variety of aerospace and defense contractors, including:

Rapid Area Mine Clearance System (RAMICS)

The real-time image processing algorithms for the Navy’s RAMICS system were developed
by GEOST. RAMICS uses a laser radar system to detect ocean-based mines and to act as the
tracking and sighting mechanism for a specialized gun that can destroy underwater mines...

Laser Radar Simulation

GEOST developed a high fidelity laser radar simulation capability to aid in performance
evaluation of laser radar systems, as well as to aid in 3D data processing algorithm
development and to minimize the amount of field testing necessary...

High-Speed High-Dynamic Range Laser Beam Control System

GEOST had total responsibility for all phases of the Beam Control System, which was required
to change focus and tilt of a high-power laser beam over large ranges at very high rates. The
fast focusing...